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Stables Kindergarten

In 2010 the committee of management entered into a partnership with St. Francis of Assisi Primary School resulting in the school holding management control of the kindergarten.

The venture has proven to be a very successful one, and has led to the kindergarten receiving “Exceeding the National Quality Standard” in our Rating an Assessment visit in June of 2014 and once again in November 2018. This rating is awarded by the regulatory body Australian Children’s Education and Care Quality Authority (ACECQA).

Quality Area 1     Educational Program and Practice     Exceeding NQS

Quality Area 2     Children’s Health and Safety                Exceeding NQS

Quality Area 3      Physical Environment                          Meeting NQS

Quality Area 4      Staffing Arrangements                        Exceeding NQS

Quality Area 5      Relationships with Children                Exceeding NQS

Quality Area 6      Collaborative Partnerships                 Exceeding NQS

Quality Area 7      Governance and Leadership               Exceeding NQS

Our team of incredibly dedicated and experienced educators ensure the program is rich in experiences helping our children celebrate their individual strengths and skills in preparation for the next stage in their lives.

We take pride in our commitment, community involvement, and living our service’s Philosophy everyday with the aim of enriching the lives of our children and their families.

The Stables Kindergarten has successfully received Victorian Government recognition for all health priority areas and is now a health promoting service.

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